REMATEC GmbH does not want to leave any room for violations with the whistleblower system, because unlawful and unethical behavior harms the Kluthe Group as well as its stakeholders. Your report is a valuable contribution to clarification, combating wrongdoing and prevention.

REMATEC GmbH assures that conduct with integrity will not lead to any disadvantage and that retaliatory measures against whistleblowers will not be tolerated.

Trust and loyalty are very important to us, so please submit only accurate notifications. In order to significantly support successful processing to clarify the grievances, you are welcome to voluntarily provide us with your contact information, which we can use to reach you in the event of queries. It is not obligatory to provide contact information, so we offer whistleblowers the option of submitting reports anonymously. Of course, we also welcome the reporting of suggestions for improvement regarding our activities. These suggestions for improvement can also be submitted anonymously.

Information on violations in the following areas, among others, can be reported via the established whistleblower system:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Data privacy and protection
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • IT security
  • Import and export control and foreign trade law
  • Antitrust and/or competition law
  • Combating money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Bribery, fraud, theft and embezzlement
  • Manipulation in the context of accounting
  • Operational issues such as environmental protection, occupational health and safety
  • Human rights (including child labor)
  • Interference with the whistleblowing system, e.g. retaliation against whistleblowers, breach of confidentiality
  • Other offenses

Important: Whistleblowers should keep the access data they receive (link and self-assigned password) safe and regularly log into the electronic mailbox, as this is the communication medium in the whistleblowing and complaints procedure.

Any information received will be examined by our responsible authorized office. The information is taken seriously and processed confidentially to the extent permitted by law. All investigations are always conducted independently, impartially and fairly using the following steps:

  • Receipt of your notification
  • Sending an acknowledgement of receipt to the whistleblower within 7 days
  • Initiation of a clarification of the facts (at the whistleblower's request, we can also arrange a personal meeting).
  • There may be queries during the processing of the notification. We therefore recommend that you remain in contact with the office handling the case. At the latest 3 months after confirmation of receipt of the notification, feedback on the processing status will be sent to the person providing the notification.
  • If an investigation is initiated to clarify the facts, it is the responsibility of REMATEC GmbH to complete this investigation, evaluate the results and take appropriate action. If necessary, we will initiate immediate remedial measures.

Our whistleblower system is provided by a vetted third-party provider.
The whistleblower system is available to whistleblowers in several languages at all times.
Furthermore, it is possible to contact external reporting bodies.
Click here to access the whistleblower system:

Questions and comments on the whistleblower system can be submitted at
Please note that contacting us by e-mail is not part of the whistleblower system.