Resolve-T procedure®
Recovery of organic solvents with simultaneous drying and recycling of the distillation residues

The Resolve-T-procedure includes a combination of the distillation with solvents heavily polluted with solids (2.8. paint sludge) and the subsequent drying of the remaining solids.

The advantage is that a full yield of the organic solvent contained in the solid-solvent mixture is achieved without forming cracking products that might impair the recovered distillates through their colour or odour.

Purification & fractionation
Purification and fractionation of organic solvents

The purification of solvents involves the separation of solid and liquid substances. In the next step, a fractional distillation is carried out in which the solvents are separated from one another. Upon request, we can also be contracted to do this. Alternatively, we can market the acquired products for ourselves and consider this when billing our customers.

Isodry procedure®
The recovery of recyclables from old coatings, old paints and paint coagulates

In this process, old coatings, old paints and paint coagulates, both water- and solvent-based, are processed. The substance mixtures are conditioned in the first process step by adding hydrophilic additives. Subsequently, in special drying units, sometimes under vacuum, the volatile constituents are distilled off in the form of solvents and water. All three fractions (solvent, water and dry matter) are returned to the economic cycle.

Hydrosolve process®
The recovery of raw materials from water-based cleaning fluids

The Hydrosolve® process is used to prepare hydro-purging agents. These are used when painting with water-based systems, especially in the auto industry. In a first step, we separate the paint particles from the liquid components by adding special chemicals. The paint particles are filtered and then fed to the Isodry process. The water-solvent mixture is incorporated into products for surface treatment.

Our recycling activities
Our recycling activities include the following services and products:
  • Recycling of organic, non-halogenated solvents

  • Recycling of dichloromethane

  • Recycling of old coatings, old paints and paint coagulates

  • Recycling of powder coatings

  • Recycling of hydro-purging agents

  • Recycling of used oils, processing oils

  • Thermal recovery of liquid waste with a calorific value of at least 5000kJ/kg

The reprocessing options result from the existing operating licenses and technical facilities.

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Stoffliche und thermische Verwertung / Thermal and material recycling
The partnership-suited
Rema® system
With Rema®, residues of paints and solvents are systematically collected in special disposal containers - simply, clearly, cleanly and in a space-saving manner.
More about the Rema system